Set digital ground rules with parental controls

When it comes to digital ground rules, you decide what’s right for your family. Learn about parental controls with these helpful guides.

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Common Sense Media

Ultimate guide to parental controls

Figuring out how to use parental controls is based entirely on your own family's needs. Here’s everything you need to know about setting digital ground rules.

Parental controls in our products

Learn more about the parental controls features built into our products.

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Choose how your family watches YouTube

Every family has their own approach to how they explore online video. That's why we offer options for you to decide what's best for your child: YouTube Kids, or a supervised experience on YouTube.

Parental controls across the web

What about the apps that Google doesn’t make? We’ve got you covered with helpful info on parental controls in other platforms and apps.

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Common Sense Media

Parental controls on iOS

Check out Common Sense Media’s guide to learn about parental controls on iOS devices.