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Guiding your kids to quality content

Help your child find quality videos, apps, games, and books as they explore tech on their own.

Get artistic

Explore famous museums and art-related activities all from the comfort of your home.

young boy looking at art

Google Arts & Culture

I spy with my little eye...

Can you spot the hidden details in some of the world’s most famous artworks?

Explore the world

Tour some of the world’s most historical cities, locations, buildings, natural history museums, and more... all online!

Google Arts & Culture

Making natural history

Learn about the origins of our solar system, Earth, and natural life through discoveries made from the museum’s collection of artifacts.

Let's play

Play games, find quality kids apps, and find playlists made just for kids.

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Try Chrome Music Lab

Make learning music more accessible through fun, hands-on experiments.

Learn to code

From first timer to budding programmer, introduce your kids to the world of computer science.

CS First

Code your superhero!

Help your kids code a story or game for their favorite hero.

Explore STEM

Guide your kids to engaging STEM activities.

photo of inside Smithsonian National Air & Space Museum

Google Arts & Culture

Smithsonian National Air & Space Museum

Explore the world’s largest and most significant collection of aviation and space artifacts through this interactive online exhibit.

Find accessible content

For kids with disabilities explore games and apps built with them in mind.

young boy listening to music with headphones


Seeing Music: Creatability

Experience music visually.