Tips for getting your kid’s first phone

It’s an important milestone in your kid’s journey towards becoming more independent and responsible, so make sure your child learns the rules of the road before they get started.

Father and son looking at a phone while laying down

Check out these tips to help you guide their experience with their new device.

Set up parental controls

Firstly, you might want to consider setting up parental controls on their new phone. Both Android and iOS give parents the ability to manage their child’s phone. You can use Family Link to monitor content, set screen time limits, and even see their child’s location when they have their device with them (parents can manage their device through the Family Link app on Android and iOS).

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Talk about online safety

It’s important to discuss online safety with your kids before they get started with their new device. Finding balance and setting boundaries are key to helping your kids understand your expectations and use technology in a way that’s right for them.

We work directly with experts and educators to help you set boundaries that are proven useful so your family can use technology in a way that’s right for them.

Check out our online safety program, Be Internet Awesome, which teaches kids how to become confident, responsible explorers of the online world. They can even play their way to being Internet Awesome with Interland, an online adventure that gives them hands-on practice of key digital safety lessons.

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Guide your child to great content

Once your child is up and running on their new phone, work together to choose content that helps them discover, create, and grow.

Try YouTube Kids to help them discover family-friendly videos in a more contained environment. Spark their curiosity with Kids Space, a new kids mode on select Android tablets that features apps, books, and videos designed to help them explore their interests. And try the Kids tab on Google Play for teacher-approved apps that are both entertaining and enriching. Learn more about finding great content for your child at

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