Tips for Chromebooks with your family

New to Chromebooks? Check out these 5 fast facts to help you decide if Chromebooks are right for your family.

Family looking a computer happy and surprised

Simple, speedy and secure

Chromebooks are powerful laptops that are designed to be easy-to-use. They all run on Chrome OS, a speedy, simple and secure operating system built by Google. Chromebooks boot up in seconds, so you and your family can get right to it — whether it’s playing a game together, doing homework, or editing photos. Chromebooks also come with built-in virus protection, so your family can skip the headache of downloading antivirus software.

Set-up in a snap

Setting up a new Chromebook just takes a few minutes. Log in with your Google Account and you’ll find all your Google Drive files and Chrome preferences on your new Chromebook.

Supervise your kids with Family Link

Wondering how your kids are using their new device? Family Link is an app that helps parents set digital ground rules and manage screen time across kids’ Android phones, tablets, and Chromebooks. Parents can use the Family Link app from their phone to set restrictions on which websites their kids can visit, set device time limits, and approve and install apps from the Google Play Store for their child’s account. If you’re new to using Family Link on Chromebook, checkout our Help center for set-up instructions

Get teacher-approved apps on the Play Store

Chromebooks come with the Google Play Store built-in, so your family can download family-friendly apps designed to help your kids grow through learning, creativity, and play. The Google Play Store on Chromebook also comes with a Kids tab, which helps you easily find “Teacher Approved” apps for your family.

Share your Chromebook

Share your Chromebook with your family without sharing what’s personal. Chromebook is designed to make it easy to share, which means a single Chromebook can support multiple people while maintaining each person’s preferences and privacy. Unlike other operating systems, Chrome OS keeps each profile separate, so apps, browsing history and preferences stay separate.

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