Tips for Experiments

Created using Chrome, Android, AI, AR, and more, Experiments with Google are projects that push the boundaries of art, technology, design, and culture. It showcases thousands of amazing experiments designed to inspire, teach, and delight.

Photo of the NSynth Super physical interface

For experiments that teachers, parents, and students have found helpful whether in the classroom or learning from home, check out the Experiments for Learning collection, the Inside Guide collection, and some of our most popular experiments below.

Teachable Machine

Explore how machine learning works in a fun, hands-on way with Teachable Machine. You can teach a machine using just your camera, live in the browser, no coding required.

Quick, Draw!

Quick, Draw! is a game built with machine learning. You draw, and a neural network tries to guess what you’re drawing.

Shared Piano

Create music together with Shared Piano, one of the experiments from Chrome Music Lab. Shared Piano is a simple tool for remote music teaching and collaboration that lets you play music together live on the web. You can use your computer keyboard or a MIDI keyboard to play with up to 10 people at once - just send a link to someone to start playing together.

Notable Women

Get inspired by the accomplishments of Notable Women. Learn about 100 American activists, artists, scientists, business leaders, writers, civic leaders and more, whose faces you can see right on the money in your wallet. Visit to get the AR app.

Digital Wellbeing

Digital Wellbeing is a collection of ideas and tools for inspiring designers and developers to consider digital wellbeing in everything they make, and to help people find a better balance with technology.

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