Tips for Arts & Culture

Stuck for ideas for family-friendly content that sparks your kids’ curiosity?

Multiple balloons of different colors

Family Fun with Arts & Culture is a collection to bring your family new ways to learn about art, animals, science, space, books and music. Check out these tips for enjoying Google Arts & Culture with your family.

Choose your family fun adventure

With a wide range of topics to discover and learn about, connect with your family over art, animals and nature, science and space, as well as books, music and film.

Whichever adventure you choose to go on first, there are all kinds of topics to inspire your kids. Choose Art to virtually visit museums and learn tips on how to draw like a master. Did you ever wonder how the zebra got its stripes? Explore Animals and Nature to find out more. You can even hang out with a Jurassic giant in virtual reality or try your hand at magic.

Filled with fun facts, awesome activities and surprising stories, your next family fun adventure is waiting.

Or let the penguin do the exploring for you

Want to discover the pyramids of Giza or visit the Eiffel Tower? Let Hopper the penguin be your guide and show you around some of the most famous places in the world. You might even want to snap a picture of Hopper to remind you of your favorite virtual trips. And if you’re searching for more fun with our cheeky penguin, here’s a clue: Sometimes he likes to get lost in museums.

Eye Spy

Do you have an eye for detail? Try out a virtual game of eye spy that challenges you to zoom in and find hidden details in famous artworks. You can also learn interesting facts and figures about each piece of art along the way, helping you understand better what’s going on in every picture.

Activity book

Try an offline adventure with our downloadable activity book, complete with coloring, mazes, and more. An exciting art adventure awaits you, taking you from ancient Egypt to outer space. Choose your favorite colors or paints, add a splash of imagination and you can reinvent famous works of art in your very own style. You might also want to challenge yourself with connect the dots and mazes that will help you make discoveries about shape and color through mysterious works of art.

You can also exercise your coloring talents online and get inspired as you color famous artworks and even landmarks from Street View with the Art Coloring Book.

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